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The "Public Sub-collections" page makes available for download sub-collections of documents made public because their particular relevance for the audience of the Medicines Documentation Library.

You may create your own customized sub-collections comprising documents from the Medicines Documentation library, according to personal needs and interests.

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This sub-collection contains a selection of WHO and Non-WHO documents related to national medicines policies. They are those which have been submitted within the WHO Medicines Publications and Documentation system, until October 2018. The sub collection will be updated when new documents are obtained.
At country level, essential medicines lists serve to guide medicines selection and appropriate uses, medicines reimbursement and donations, supply in the public sector including procurement and tendering.

This regularly updated repository holds a collection of over 142 national essential medicines lists including national formularies, reimbursement lists and lists based on standard treatment guidelines. The repository is compiled using the national lists available in the Essential Medicines and Health Products Information Portal

WHO does not take responsibility for the update of the individual Lists but offers this repository as a tool to access the identified and publicly available NEMLs. Current NEMLs may be submitted for inclusion in this repository to

The Report of the WHO Expert Committee, 2017, including the 20th WHO Model List of Essential Medicines and the 6th WHO Model List of Essential Medicines for Children is available at
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