The Promotion and Development of Traditional Medicine: Report of a WHO Meeting
(1978; 44 pages)

A WHO Meeting on the Promotion and Development of Traditional medicine was held in Geneva from 28 November to 2 December 1977. The consultation was convened in response to the considerable interest evinced in traditional medicine at the Thirtieth World Health Assembly in 1977 and in the subsequent requests by Member States for technical collaboration in organizing educational and research activities in this field.
The aim of the Meeting was to assemble expert representatives of the major systems of traditional medicine to work together and suggest a plan of action to promote and develop various aspects of traditional medicine.
The specific objectives were to make practical suggestions on policy guidelines for the provision of materials and techniques, collaboration among different systems of health care, health education of the public, manpower development, organization of health services, the future development of traditional medicine and its utilization, particularly in the national health services, and relevant research.
A major problem for special consideration was the effective collaboration of different practitioners and their integration into an overall national health care delivery system.
The theme of the Meeting was "Promotion and development of traditional medicine". This report follows the discussion at the Meeting and includes sections on:
  • Traditional medicine in health care
  • Reasons for the promotion of traditional medicine
  • Utilization of traditional medicine in national health care systems
  • Integration of traditional medicine and modern medicine
  • Manpower development for traditional medicine
  • Research promotion and development in traditional medicine
  • Recommendations
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