Report of the Working Group on Auricular Acupuncture Nomenclature
(1991; 25 pages)

A WHO Scientific Group met in 1989 and adopted a proposed standard acupuncture nomenclature for international use. On the basis of a recommendation made by this group, a Working Group met in Lyon, France 28 to 30 November 1990 with the following objectives:
  • to review progress on the standardization of auricular acupuncture nomenclature;
  • to finalize the discussion already begun on other auricular points;
  • to consider other items for review and discussion; and
  • to recommend future activities in acupuncture for the consideration of WHO.
This document includes a summary of the proceedings of the Working Group meeting - including charts and tables of the anatomy of the ear, the agreed to standard auricular acupuncture nomenclature, and nomenclature of auricular points not yet considered - and the text of several addresses.
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