Nepalese National Formulary, (2nd Edition) 2010 - Nepal
(2010; 235 pages)


Nepalese National Formulary (NNF) is meant to provide information on medicines and their dosage forms available in the country. It has wide use and application in various levels of health institutions, as well as for individual practitioners. The first edition of NNF was published in 1997. This edition is thoroughly revised to reflect the current practices. Effort has been made to include all medicines that have been registered till end of December, 2009.

Three appendices are included. Appendix I contains detailed list of drug interactions. This section is also mainly based on the information from WHO Model Formulary, 2008.

Appendix II contains National List of Essential Medicines (fourth revision, 2010). This list has been approved by Drug Advisory Committee. It has to be approved by Government of Nepal to make it official.

Information on Adverse Drug Reaction reporting is included in Appendix III. Adverse Drug Reaction reporting system has been initiated in Nepal.

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