Sudan Journal of Rational Use of Medicine. SJRUM, Issue No. 14 - December 2016 (Medication Misadventures)
(2016; 36 pages)


SJRUM was a project of the Directorate of Pharmacy and was supported by the WHO and Global Fund, with the aim of improving understanding and appreciation of rational medicines use, and raising awareness of health professionals and the community about the different aspects of irrational medicines use to improve practice.

The journal usually addresses one theme on each issue; this one is dedicated to medicines misadventures. These are any unwanted effects produced by medicines, like adverse effects, interactions, contraindication, allergies and toxicity. Medicines misadventures also include medication errors of dispensing or using wrong medicines often because they look-alike or soundalike. Such unfortunate events may result in unhappy consequences that may be life threatening.

The most important element in medicines misadventures is that they are preventable! Naturally healthcare professionals are careful and do not intend harm, but we are humans and errors are inevitable. This is largely reduced by installing and following mechanisms that detect, report and solve medication errors.

On the following pages of the SJRUM the readers will learn where we are regarding medicines misadventures. A focus detailing various aspects of the theme, together with a current topic about the strategies to decrease medication errors. Scripts about medicines use evaluation, therapeutic duplication, toxicity and overdose, including a special material about management of common cytotoxic adverse effects will be seen. There is a column about pharmacovigilance, and a selection of news as usually parts of the journal.

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