Malawi Standard Treatment Guidelines (MSTG) 5th Edition 2015. Incorporating Malawi Essential Medicines List (MEML) 2015
(2015; 687 pages)


The purposes of the National Standard Treatment Guidelines (MSTGs), which incorporates the Malawi Essential Medicines List (NEML) is to standardize prescribing patterns and practices, thereby also enabling a more consistent and uniform range of available medicines and medical supplies across all levels of the national health care system. This in turn helps in quantification, procurement and supply of national requirements of medicines and medical supplies.

The 5th Edition of the MSTGs which has new added chapters in fields such as oncology has, therefore, been developed to meet the needs of prescribers at different levels, in selecting and prescribing the right medicines, realizing that "memory alone can sometimes be treacherous" and even the most thoroughly informed prescribers need a reminder "to make them masters of the situation".

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