The National Survey on the Use of Medicines (NSUM) by Malaysian Consumers 2015
(2016; 103 pages)


Quality Use of Medicines (QUM) is one of the central objectives of Malaysia’s National Medicines Policy. Within the context of QUM framework, it is crucial to get current data from the general population in order to assess their understanding on issues related to rational use of medicines. In addition, information from the survey will help the policy makers to evaluate the impact of strategies that had been taken in order to improve quality use of medicines among consumers in this country. Furthermore, the data gain from such survey will be useful for devising future strategies to further enhance quality use of medicines among Malaysian population.

In order to get in-depth data and information on issues related to medicines use among Malaysian consumers, a cross sectional national survey for a period of 3 months (June-August 2015) was conducted among 3,081 consumers across the country.

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