EFPIA HCP Code - EFPIA Code on the Promotion of Prescription-Only Medicines to, and Interactions with, Healthcare Professionals. (Approved by the General Assembly of 6 June 2014)
(2014; 24 pages)


EFPIA and its members are conscious of the importance of providing accurate, fair and objective information about medicinal products so that rational decisions can be made as to their use. With this in mind, EFPIA has adopted the EFPIA HCP Code on the Promotion of Prescription-Only Medicines to, and Interactions with, Healthcare Professionals (the “EFPIA HCP Code”). The EFPIA HCP Code reflects the requirements of Council Directive 2001/83/EC, as amended, relating to medicinal products for human use (the “Directive”). The EFPIA HCP Code fits into the general framework established by the Directive, which recognises the role of voluntary control of advertising of medicinal products by self-regulatory bodies and recourse to such bodies when complaints arise.

EFPIA encourages competition among pharmaceutical companies. The EFPIA HCP Code is not intended to restrain the promotion of medicinal products to, or limit interactions with, healthcare professionals in a manner that is detrimental to fair competition. Instead, it seeks to ensure that pharmaceutical companies conduct such promotion and interaction in a truthful manner, avoiding deceptive practices and potential conflicts of interest with healthcare professionals, and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

The EFPIA HCP Code thereby aims to foster an environment where the general public can be confident that choices regarding their medicines are being made on the basis of the merits of each product and the healthcare needs of patients.

The EFPIA HCP Code sets out the minimum standards which EFPIA considers must apply. In a manner compatible with their respective national laws and regulations, member associations must, at a minimum, adopt in their national codes provisions no less rigorous than the provisions contained in the EFPIA HCP Code.

EFPIA also encourages compliance with the letter and spirit of the provisions of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (“IFPMA”) Code of Pharmaceutical Marketing Practices, where applicable.

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