A World without Antibiotics: Conclusions from Uppsala Health Summit, 2–3 June 2015. Post-conference report
(2015; 38 pages)


Antibiotic resistance is a major public health threat that has to be met with multifaceted actions and global collaboration. In June 2015, about 200 stakeholders and experts from all parts of the world met at Uppsala Health Summit, to discuss in dialogue how to meet this challenge.

The summit’s starting point was the global action plan on antimicrobial resistance, adopted the week before by the World Health Assembly.

This document includes the conclusions and recommendations from the workshops held during the summit on the following topics:

  1. Access not excess
  2. New economic models addressing antibiotic resistance
  3. The environmental dimension of antibiotic resistance
  4. Research and innovation for new therapies – collaborative models
  5. Improved diagnostics for patient safety and surveillance
  6. Antibiotics in animal production

The outputs from the different workshop groups were presented and discussed at the summit in plenum. A draft report has also been circulated among the delegates for comments.

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