Drug Use Evaluation Report. Investigating Meropenem usage at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital from October 2013 to October 2014 - Fiji
(2015; 42 pages)


A drug use evaluation was performed investigating the usage of meropenem at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital between October 2013 and October 2014. Data from the Restricted Antimicrobial Request Form, pharmacy dispensing program PatisPlus® and microbiology laboratory records were used to analyse the prescribing of meropenem compared to the Indications for Meropenem use at Divisional Hospitals Policy and treatment guidelines. Infection control unit nurses, Pharmacy department staff and the head of the Microbiology department were interviewed, prescribers were surveyed and an infectious disease prescriber was consulted to provide prescriber related comments. It was found that meropenem use can be optimised in several areas including; appropriate dosing, use of sensitivity data, infection control and prevention and stock management. A few of the critical interventions recommended to address these problems include; the updating of the Indications for Meropenem use at Divisional Hospitals Policy, development of the Meropenem Treatment Guideline, microbiology results be made available on PatisPlus®, development of stock management standard operating procedures and all cases of multi-resistant organisms to be treated as an outbreak.

This study was undertaken to investigate the reasons for the increased meropenem consumption in the Divisional hospitals of Fiji which has risen nearly forty-fold since 2007 (Appendix 2). The study will provide recommendations for interventions to increase rational use of meropenem and decrease the consumption and prevent further antimicrobial resistance in CWMH.

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