Guatemala: Supply Chain Costing Study Provides Data for Decisionmaking
(2015; 4 pages) [Spanish]


The USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, in collaboration with the Ministries of Health and Finance of Guatemala, conducted a supply chain costing study for a set of medicines to determine the following: (1) the total supply chain costs associated with providing a set of essential medicines, and health commodities for the following programs: immunizations (PI), reproductive health (PNSR), and food security and nutrition (PROSAN); (2) costs by levels (central, regional, district, and service delivery points) and for each supply chain activity (procurement, transport, storage, and management); and (3) the unit cost for the supply chain activities, measured in terms of the value of the flow of medicines; by weight and volume and by cost category, including labor, hardware, infrastructure, information systems, data collection, and reporting.

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