WHA55.14 - Ensuring Accessibility of Essential Medicines. WHA Resolution; Fifty-fifth World Health Assembly, 2002
(2002; 2 pages) [Arabic] [Chinese] [French] [Russian] [Spanish]


REQUESTS the Director-General:

  1. to strengthen the Expert Committee on the Use of Essential Drugs, ensuring its independence from external pressures at all times, the use of science-based criteria for revision and updating, and receipt, when appropriate and as required, of the necessary inputs from all relevant stakeholders;
  2. to ensure that WHO’s medicines strategy addresses the important issue of the impact of international trade agreements on access to medicines and to reflect, in the relevant reports to WHO’s governing bodies, progress in its comprehensive endeavour;
  3. to advocate the necessary action worldwide to promote market-based differential pricing for essential medicines between high-, middle-, and low-income countries, and to provide technical support, especially to developing countries, to establish drug-pricing policies;
  4. to advocate the concept and policies of essential medicines as a tool for implementing rational prescription of medicines;
  5. to continue to work on the methodology for computerized databases on reference prices of essential medicines worldwide;
  6. to pursue all diplomatic and political opportunities aimed at overcoming barriers to access to essential medicines, collaborating with Member States in order to make these medicines accessible and affordable to the people who need them;
  7. to join with and support nongovernmental organizations in the process of implementing initiatives that are compatible with public health priorities.
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