The World Medicines Situation 2011 - Pharmaceutical Human Resources
(2012; 30 pages)


1. Pharmacy workforce shortages constitute a major capacity limitation to the provision of pharmaceutical services and access to medicines.

2. Pharmacy workforce demand is likely to increase in the future. Pharmacy human resources are required to enable functionality of all aspects of the pharmaceutical sector and medicines use process, including research and development, manufacturing, distribution, procurement, regulation, supply, pharmacovigilance, rational use and adherence.

3. There is a linear relationship between the size of the pharmacy workforce and medicines consumption, which is correlated to economic development. Wealthier countries tend to consume more medicines per capita and have more pharmacists per capita to manage pharmaceuticals.

4. Pharmacy workforce planning should be considered when developing medicines policies and pharmaceutical services and integrated into broader human resources for health strategic plans.

5. Interventions are required to build pharmacy education capacity to meet needs and improve workforce retention and distribution, develop comprehensive national human resource strategic plans and strengthen human resource information systems to inform planning.

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