Manual of Diagnostic Ultrasound, Volume 2. Second Edition
(2013; 529 pages)


During the last decades , use of ultrasonography became increasingly common in medical practice and hospitals around the world, and a large number of scientific publications reported the benefit and even the superiority of ultrasonography over commonly used X-ray techniques, resulting in significant changes in diagnostic imaging procedures.

With increasing use of ultrasonography in medical settings, the need for education and training became essential. WHO took up this challenge and in 1995 published its first training manual in ultrasonography. Soon, however, rapid developments and improvements in equipment and indications for the extension of medical ultrasonography into therapy indicated the need for a totally new ultrasonography manual.

The manual (consisting of two volumes) has been written by an international group of experts of the World Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (WFUMB), well-known for their publications regarding the clinical use of ultrasound and with substantial experience in the teaching of ultrasonography in both developed and developing countries.

The contributors (more than fifty for the two volumes) belong to five different continents, to guarantee that manual content represents all clinical, cultural and epidemiological contexts This new publication, which covers modern diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasonography extensively, will certainly benefit and inspire medical professionals in improving ‘health for all’ in both developed and emerging countries.

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