Thai Programme on Time, Successes Are Tangible. Essential Drugs Monitor No. 005 (1987)
(1987; 2 pages)


A WHO essential drugs review team visited Thailand in 1986 to review the first five years of the country’s National Drug Policy. They found the achievements of the Policy to be on target with its goals. Drug availability increased, and wastage decreased since the Policy states that the national essential drugs list has to be used by all government institutions. Drug purchasing plans and standard drug prices have been established, and a Central Drug Information Centre and Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Service have been founded for data collection. The Policy successfully implemented many initiatives to improve quality assurance, such as creating more Regional Drug Laboratories and performing more testing of drugs. Selected herbal medicine is also being promoted in PHC programmes. Irrational use remains a large problem in Thailand; the government is trying to regulate it through the enforcement of drug laws. Funding for primary health care is provided by revolving funds and the profitable Drug and Medical Products Funds.

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