Guidelines on Advertising and Promotion of Medicines. First Edition, 2008 - Zambia
(2008; 17 pages)


These guidelines constitute general principles for ethical standards relating to advertising and promotion of medicines. Generally, these guidelines should be applied to medicines in the categories of prescription and non-prescription modes of distribution, including herbal medicines as appropriate, and to any other product promoted as a medicine or for medicinal purposes. The guidelines are meant to be used by people in all walks of life, by governments, pharmaceutical industry (manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers), the promotion industry(advertising agencies, market research organisations), health professionals involved in prescription, dispensing, supply and distribution of medicines, universities and other teaching institutions, professional associations, patients’ and consumer groups and the media including professional media such as publishers and editors of medical journals and related publications. All these are encouraged to use these guidelines as appropriate to their spheres of competence, activity and responsibility and at the same time endeavour to develop their own sets of ethical standards in their own field relating to promotion of medicines. All companies, organisations or individuals supplying medicines, herbal medicines and related substances in Zambia are subject to registration by the Pharmaceutical Regulatory Authority.

All advertising must be consistent and comply with the Pharmaceutical Act No. 14 of 2004 and regulations made thereunder.

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