Final Community Case Management Assessment for Children Under Five through Tanzania ADDOs
(2012; 79 pages)

Kimatta, S., S. Mwakisu, B. Yeager, A. Mwansasu. 2012. Final Community Case Management Assessment for Children Under Five through Tanzania ADDOs. Submitted to the US Agency for International Development by the Strengthening Pharmaceutical Systems (SPS) Program. Arlington, VA: Management Sciences for Health.


To inform the planned integration of the IMCI component into the ADDO program, RPM Plus and BASICS contracted a local organization, the Centre for Enhancement of Effective Malaria Initiative, to conduct a quantitative assessment and formative (qualitative) research in Ruvuma region in 2006.11 Poor dispensing practices, inappropriate use of medicines for childhood illnesses, and lack of a referral system for severely sick children were identified as critical problems. All these have been addressed through the interventions mentioned above. Recent assessments of IMCI in ADDOs conducted under the Gates Foundation-funded East African Drug Sellers Initiative12 have shown some improvements in the management of malaria and diarrhea as well as in dispensing practices in general in the Ruvuma region. No assessments have been conducted in the other regions of the country in which the ADDO program is currently implemented. Moreover, the referral system between the ADDO’s and the health facilities has not yet been assessed.

In 2011, the SPS program in collaboration with TDFA and the MoHSW decided to undertake the assessment described in this report to measure achievements in implementing IMCI in ADDOs and determine areas of weaknesses.

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