Prevention and Treatment Guidelines for Primary Health Care Centres and Hospitals, 2006 - Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS)
(2006; 349 pages)


In the Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS) Health Policy, the Primary Health Care programme is the cornerstone of the delivery of quality health care to all our people.

The program has three basic levels, namely the Primary Health Care Unit, the Primary Health Care Centre and the referral facilities. Being aware of the need to consolidate these services, the Ministry of Health has developed the Prevention and Treatment Guidelines for Primary Health Care Units, Primary Health Care Centres and Hospitals.These Guidelines will ensure the standardization and the maintenance of high quality of care at this level of our Primary Health Care programme. The Ministry of health continues to develop and raise the awareness and training levels of our health care personnel at all levels.This manual provides a vital link in that process and it is our hope that our service providers will use it as such for the improvement of service delivery at all our health facilities.

These prevention and treatment guidelines are developed to assist registered health professional workers. They are intended for primary health care centres, hospitals and registered private health practice.

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