Zimbabwe Cholera Control Guidelines. Third Edition, 2009
(2009; 79 pages)


The goal of these guidelines is to provide standardised public health measures for cholera control in order to contribute to reduction of morbidity and mortality due to cholera.

This document is intended to provide a comprehensive framework for the response to an outbreak of cholera.

The purpose of this framework is to provide guidance on;

  • early detection of cases of cholera within the community
  • prevention of new cases of cholera through intensive health promotion, environmental health campaigns and by ensuring a safe water supply
  • reduction of death due to cholera by setting standard treatment protocols

These guidelines are targeted at all health workers who have a responsibility to deal with cholera from national level, the provinces and districts. The health workers at health facilities and cholera treatment centres or units should make these guidelines their primary source of information. These guidelines are also meant for Non Governmental Organisations and other partners supporting cholera responses.

The guidelines should be used to make cholera preparedness and response plans; to carry out those plans during an outbreak and to evaluate the actions taken during the outbreak.

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