Priority Medicines for Europe and the World 2013 Update. Background Paper 8 - New Approaches to Promoting Innovation. BP 8.1 - Public Private Partnerships
(2013; 25 pages)


Public-private partnerships were mentioned in the 2004 Report as a promising solution for addressing challenges in pharmaceutical innovation. Since 2004 considerable progress has occurred in the development of the public-private partnerships (PPP, for definition: see below) in particular in the product development partnerships (PDP). The current challenges in drug development require the mobilization of significant resources from a wide variety of stakeholders, PPPs can help facilitate this process and capitalize on the benefits of new approaches such as "open innovation". The number of PPPs is increasing rapidly. For example, in Europe the number of disclosed public-private partnerships increased from 151 in 2011 to 243 in 2012. In addition, in the Horizon 2020 draft regulation the importance for the future of public-private partnerships is also emphasised: "A greater impact should also be achieved by combining Horizon 2020 and private sector funds within public-private partnerships in key areas where research and innovation could contribute to Europe's wider competitiveness goals and help tackle societal challenges."...

This background paper will discuss the more important developments since the 2004 Priority Medicines Report and highlight priorities for future research. The paper consists of six sections. The first section is this introduction. Section 2 focuses on the main arguments for setting up PPPs. Section 3 describes the different types of PPPs. Section 4 highlights some of the main current challenges for PPPs. Section 5 discusses main challenges we see for the future: proper measurement of the performance of PPPs. Section 6 closes this paper and provides some general conclusions and research recommendations.

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