Global Update on HIV Treatment 2013: Results, Impact and Opportunities. WHO Report in Partnership with UNICEF and UNAIDS
(2013; 126 pages)


This publication reports on the progress being made in the global scale-up in the use of antiretroviral medicines in low- and middle-income countries, the challenges that are being overcome or that await solutions and the opportunities for building on the achievements of the past decade.

Chapter 1 provides new data on the latest developments in the global treatment effort, highlighting positive trends as well as aspects that require improvement. Chapter 2 summarizes the impact of the scale-up in reducing AIDS-related mortality and new HIV infections. Chapter 3 examines the sequence of steps in the continuum of care from HIV diagnosis to successful provision of ART services and outlines key supportive innovations. Chapter 4 discusses the implications and anticipated impact of the new "Consolidated guidelines on the use of ARV drugs for treating and preventing HIV infection".

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