Pharma Futures. Pharma’s New Productivity Challenge: Perspectives from Europe. PharmaFutures 5 (PF 5)
(2012; 16 pages)


PharmaFutures 5 is a two-year programme of work that sets out an ambitious road-map for pharma. Building on distinct analyses of geographic markets (Europe, emerging markets and US), PharmaFutures has drawn on the expertise of over a hundred key figures from industry, health systems and investor institutions. The final PharmaFutures report argues that a systemic approach is needed and highlights opportunities for greater collaboration between pharma, regulators, payers and patients. The report identifies the appetite for change – with innovative work occurring in research, licensing and pricing – and recommends that these are scaled up and integrated to create long-term value. At the heart of each PharmaFutures dialogue is an expert Working Group, formed of senior pharmaceutical executives, institutional investors and health systems representatives, which provide the project’s intellectual steer through face-to-face workshops and on-going research and dialogue. The exchanges of the Working Group are enhanced by inputs from a group of senior expert practitioners who have years of experience of working in pharmaceutical R&D and as healthcare evaluators and payers.

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