The Role of Education in Rational Use of Medicines. Report of the Regional Meeting, Bangkok, 12-14 December 2007
(2008; 59 pages)


The regional meeting was convened with the purpose of further developing and strengthening the rational use of medicines (RUM) through education of consumers in the countries of South-East Asia Region. The meeting shared experiences in education in promoting RUM, developing a regional and country strategic framework for advancing RUM through education and formulating a generic protocol for educating consumers to be implemented at country level.

The meeting concluded that:

  • the rational use of medicines contributes to high quality health care while irrational use leads to health hazards and wastage of already scarce resources in the majority of health care systems.
  • there is need to strengthen RUM component in the National Medicinal Drug Policy (NMDP) and it should be a part of National Health Policy of the respective countries.
  • there is a need to educate and empower the consumer and the public.
  • technical and financial resources be enhanced and used for consumer education in rational use of medicines.
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