WHO Household Survey - Level II to Measure Access to and Use of Medicines in Jordan. Report of a Survey Conducted in October - December 2009
(2012; 80 pages)


The government of Jordan considers the pharmaceutical sector as a crucial part of the health system, and is fully committed to continuously assessing and identifying areas of improvement in its structure and functions. As part of this quest for excellence, WHO in collaboration with High Health Council through the Medicine Transparency Council mechanisms and multi-sectoral approach carried out a comprehensive assessment of the pharmaceutical situation in Jordan during 2010. The assessment combined several WHO instruments, namely: WHO Operational Package for Monitoring and Assessing Country Pharmaceutical Situations; WHO Pharmaceutical Household Survey; and WHO/HAI methodology for Measuring Medicine Prices, Availability, Affordability and Price Components. The aim was to provide a comprehensive picture of the access dimensions to key medicines, especially on availability and affordability in public, private and other sectors. The data collected reflected important indicators measuring availability, access, rational use of medicines, pricing and also provide some information regarding the quality of medicines accessible to patients. The study process functioned with the core idea of bringing together all relevant entities in a multistakeholder process. Such an approach was crucial for collecting data, analysis of information, utilization of results and building consensus on gaps and advocating for change...

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