WHO Health Facilities Survey in Jordan. Report of a Survey Conducted October - December 2009. Pharmaceutical Situation Assessment - Level II
(2012; 67 pages)


The pharmaceutical sector in any country is a complex system with overlapping and interrelated factors that affect access to and rational use of medicine. In a given health sector, the government aims to achieve critical objectives regarding pharmaceuticals: that people have access to essential medicines; that those medicines are safe, effective, and of good quality; and that the medicines are used correctly. Understanding the system, with its complex components, is therefore essential for any government in rationalizing its expenditure and elevating the health status of its citizens.

As a part of the Medicines Transparency Alliance Initiative in Jordan, the World Health Organization carried out the WHO Level-II Facility Survey between October and December of 2009, making Jordan the first country in the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region to have completed such a study. The Level-II health facility indicators yield quantitative and qualitative data on access and rational use of medicine, and provide information regarding the quality of medicines accessible to patients. The results of this survey, therefore, play a critical role in establishing baseline data describing the majority of the components of the pharmaceutical situation in Jordan...

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