National Health Insurance Fund Medicines List 2012-2013, 4th Edition, February 2012 - NHIF, Sudan
(2012; 79 pages)


The NHIF Medicines list presents a list of at least one option for the single health care need and based on the 17th Model List Of Essential Medicines of the WHO and the Sudan National Medicines List, 2007. The selection of the list was based on priority health needs, medicines efficacy, safety, suitability and cost-effectiveness.

The NHIF Medicines list will be updated every two years; however any proposal for addition/deletion is mostly welcomed during this period and will be discussed by the National Drug and Therapeutics Committee every six months.

The NHIF Medicines List is classified into four categories according to the Healthcare Level of Use:

Class A: Medicines used in health centers run by medical officers

Class B: Medicines used in rural hospitals in addition to (A) Medicines

Class C: Medicines used in hospitals with specialist departments (in addition to A & B medicines).

Class D: Medicines used in specialized centers or specialized units in some designated hospitals (in addition to A, B & C).

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