The Benefits of Responsible Use of Medicines. Setting Policies for Better and Cost-effective Healthcare. Ministers Summit, 3 October 2012, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Report
(2012; 15 pages)


The Ministers Summit on The responsible use of medicines, setting policies for better and cost-effective healthcare was held on 3 October 2012 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The Report summarizes discussions, conclusions and recommendations from the Summit.

The Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport of the Netherlands, Mrs Edith Schippers, hosted a Ministers Summit on the theme of "The Benefits of the Responsible Use of Medicines - setting policies for better, cost-effective healthcare" with the aim:

  • to explore and identify solutions to improve outcomes for patients in the use of medicines and
  • to support sustainable and cost-effective healthcare around the world.

Responsible use of medicines implies that health-system stakeholder activities and capabilities are aligned to ensure that patients receive the right medicines at the right time, use them appropriately, and benefit from them. Bringing the right medicines to patients who need them requires the engagement of all actors, including governments, and a vision on how to integrate public and private interests and mobilise resources...

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