Pharmaceutical Situation in Jamaica. WHO Assessment of Level II - Health Facilities and Household Survey. (Technical Series: Essential Medicines, Pharmaceutical Policies, Nº 5)
(2012; 140 pages)


The assessment of the pharmaceutical situation, Level II, was undertaken in Jamaica from July, 2009 to May, 2010 using a standardized methodology developed by the World Health Organization (WHO). The goal of the assessment was to evaluate the pharmaceutical situation in Jamaica using outcome indicators. More specifically, the study collected information on access, affordability and availability of key medicines and geographical accessibility of dispensing facilities and rational use of quality medicines, as well as some data on the quality of medicines at health facilities and pharmacies. All this information was then used to evaluate whether the goals set for the pharmaceutical sector are being achieved.

The study has two components, both indicators based: health facilities and households survey. In the first approach, data related to the pharmaceutical policy outcome was collected from public healthcare facilities, public and private pharmacies and the public warehouse that supply public facilities. In the second, data came from a survey conducted at household level.

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