Reproductive Health Commodity Security Status Assessment Report (September 29 - October 3, 2008) - Republic of Vanuatu
(2008; 71 pages)


This Reproductive Health Commodity Security (RHCS) Situational Analysis Report is an update of the 2007 Report. The Report has been prepared to provide an assessment of the RHCS situation in Vanuatu’s Ministry of Health (MoH). In addition, this Report is to provide a better understanding of policy and operational constraints that affect RHCS. This Report will also contribute to Vanuatu’s RH policy and RHCS strategic plan.

The RHCS Situation Analysis was undertaken through a workshop conducted for RH Supervisors from the Provinces, their IT counterparts and Pharmacy personnel. Senior Staff at the CMS were interviewed and Staff (nurses/midwives) at the Vila Central Hospital’s Pharmacy Department, the Family Planning Unit and selected health centres were visited.

Findings and recommendations have been categorised and discussed using the Strategic Pathway to Reproductive Health Commodity Security (SPARHCS) framework...

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