Medicines Policy 2020. Towards Efficient, Safe, Rational and Cost-effective Use of Medicines - Finland
(2011; 45 pages)


The main objective of the pharmaceutical service is to provide efficient, safe, rational and cost-effective pharmacotherapies to those who need them. The objective can be reached by developing the current system towards a better match with the customer needs.

Medicines Policy 2020 is a document reporting on the joint medicine policy perspectives of the social welfare and healthcare authorities and the branch stakeholders for the coming decade. The policy outlines are crystallised in the form of five main objectives:

The main medicines policy objectives for 2020 defined by the working group:

  1. The pharmaceutical service constitutes a part of the social welfare and healthcare service system.
  2. The pharmaceutical service is of high quality, efficient and cost-effective.
  3. Rational pharmacotherapies and good medication safety promote people’s wellbeing and public health, decreasing the healthcare expenditure.
  4. Pharmaceutical research has a positive impact on health, wellbeing and employment.
  5. Veterinary pharmaceutical services safeguard public health and promote the wellbeing of humans and animals.

The Medicines Policy 2020 document presents the agreed actions for the attainment of the main objectives as well as the parties that are responsible and co-operate for their implementation. The advantages pursued through the actions are also presented. The final part of the document defines a follow-up plan for the attainment of the objectives and measurement of the outcomes.

The Appendices to the document contain numerical data about the pharmaceutical branch as well as definitions of terms and abbreviations used and the co-operation parties involved.

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