Operating Procedures for the Regional Revolving Fund for Strategic Public Health Supplies. (Strategic Fund) Updated: June 2010
(2010; 24 pages) [Spanish]


The Strategic Fund was created by the Director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), in accordance with the authority conferred to him under PAHO Financial Regulations and at the request of Member States of the Organization, in September 1998 during the 35th session of the Pan American Sanitary Conference. In December 1999 the Director formerly invited all Member States to participate in the Fund.

The objectives of the Strategic Fund are to:

  • Facilitate the procurement of strategic public health supplies by PAHO Member States at a reduced cost by taking advantage of the potential savings offered by economies of scale;
  • Enhance the continuous and timely availability of supplies in PAHO Member States, especially single- or limited-source supplies;
  • Encourage the Member States to improve supply planning capabilities;
  • Promote the implementation of appropriate quality assurance procedures for the supplies procured;
  • Strengthen Member States’ public health programs and application of the pertinent PAHO/WHO regulatory mandates.
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