Guyana Public Health Commodities and Equipment Donations Policy
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The public health sector of Guyana has benefited from the generosity of donors across the globe. In order to facilitate donors in making effective donation to the public health sector and in order to facilitate the effective use of donated medicine, supplies and equipment, the Ministry of Health has established the following guidelines for donations to the sector. These guidelines are in accordance with guidelines established by the World Health Organization (WHO).

While Guyana has benefited from donations, particularly in donated medicine, donated medicine, supplies and equipment have also caused much problem in the sector. Often, Guyana receives medicines that bare expired or that have short shelf-lives. Often medicines received do not form part of the treatment protocols being used in Guyana and very often, Guyana receives medicines that are labeled in languages not understood by health care providers.

In terms of equipment, too often used equipment have no useful life left and these occupy storage space unnecessarily.

The Ministry of Health proposes the following policies as guidelines for donations of medicines, medical supplies and equipment. These are guidelines and can be varies with the expressed agreement between the donor and the recipient...

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