Pharmacy Practice: Is the Gap Between the North and South Widening? - Southern Med Review Vol 5 Issue 1 July 2012
(2012; 2 pages)


The aim and objective of good pharmacy practice and optimal clinical pharmacy is to promote the appropriate use of medicines.However, the improvement in medicines use is very much dependent on health systems and has greatly benefited from the advances in science, technology, innovation and from those public policy measures, which support public health. Developed economies have been at the forefront of innovation and as a result, their health systems have become stable and more advanced. The quality of service provision within pharmacy and across the system as a whole has contributed significantly to medicines-related patient care.

With the advantages of innovation and the changing pace of technology come changes in pharmacy practice which are transforming very quickly. This change is driven by influences within two domains. One is the development of new technologies in medicines, for example better drug delivery methods or the use of robotics to dispense medicines. The other domain relates to the changes that are driven by demographics, disease prevalence, mortality rates and the aging population...

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