Seznam Nujno Potrebnih Zdravil Za Uporabo V Human Medicini, 2012 - Slovenia. (List of Essential Medicines for Human Use, 2012). Uradni list RS, st 31/06 in 45/08 (Official Gazette 31/06 and 45/08)
(2012; 3 pages)


Medicines Act gives the minister responsibility for health and the possibility to determine the scope of their list of essential medicines. It is established that the essential medicines are those that are based on recent advances in biomedical science and professional identification in the context of national health priorities necessary to implement the health of people or animals. Ministry of Health publishes a list on its website. JAZMP as a participating institution in the process of preparing the list has posted a link to the list.

Regulation of essential medicines reflect the intention of permanent national policy that is focused on drugs to target the health care needs of the population. It shall provide all those products that are indispensable for the implementation of publicly funded health care programs. The process of creating the list should reflect the national priorities set in the product selection and must take into account economic factors. The list is produced in collaboration with industry and relevant institutions. JAZMP Minister gives technical support to determine whether each proposed product meet the statutory criteria for inclusion on the list of essential medicines or to exclude them.

Given the characteristics of the Slovenian drug market, which is one of the smaller markets in the European Union (less than 0.5%), the issue of essential medicines is closely related to the problem of availability of medicines. It must also justify its existence with economic impact. The system can supply some, particularly low-cost or infrequently used drugs, if it is economically unprofitable for suppliers. Avoiding disruption in the supply of these drugs should take into account both national regulation and the allocation of certain types of licenses, which allows the drug market in the Republic of Slovenia to regulate their prices.

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