Essential Medicines List for Timor Leste (EMLTL). For Referral Hospitals and Primary Healthcare Level. 3rd Issue, January 2010
(2010; 12 pages)


The revised Essential Medicines List for Primary Care and Referral Hospitals in Timor Leste, January 2010.

The List of Essential Medicines for Timor Leste has been revised from the previous edition from 2004. The revision work has been carried out through a participatory consultation process, led by the Pharmacy Department of the Ministry of Health.

Selection of Essential Medicines have been based on criteria outlined by the World Health Organization. The key criteria for listing includes:

  • Relevance for the pattern of prevalent diseases;
  • Proven and well documented efficacy and safety/risk profile;
  • Evidence of performance in relevant settings;
  • Available products with adequate quality;
  • Favourable cost-benefit ratio;
  • Preference for well known, well documented medicines;
  • Single compound products, except for special exceptions such as for Malaria,
  • Tuberculosis, HIV-AIDS;
  • Selection based on generic- or non-propietary names, to allow for generic substitution for best quality and best price in procurement and supply.

The new Essential Medicines List shall be used as base to plan procurement, supply and clinical use of drugs. Users of the Essential Medicines list includes the pharmaceutical wholesalers (SAMES), pharmaceutical retailers, all healthcare practitioners and healthcare institutions in Timor Leste.

The revision process has involved consultation, documented through signed-off agreements with all the national programmes; Tuberculosis, Malaria, Immunization, Maternal and child health, IMCI, Leprosy, Filariasis and HIV/AIDS.

Consultation has also involved circulation of drafts and collection of comments from physicians in national hospital, physicians in district hospitals and primary care.

Selection of Essential Medicines has also been included in discussions during seminars for revision of treatment guidelines.

The new and revised Essential Medicines list for Timor Leste present a selection of Essential Medicines for Primary care and for Referral Hospitals.

This provides a prioritized list for medicine supply for all referral hospitals and all primary care institutions in Timor Leste.

An additional list of medicines is under preparation, defining specialist medicine requirements, for Guido Valdares National Hospital in Dili.

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