Southern Sudan Essential Medicine List, 2007
(2007; 33 pages)


The Ministry of Health of Southern Sudan is making every effort to streamline the pharmaceutical and medical management systems by formulating policies and policy documents in all relevant fields applicable.

The Ministry is proud to present the first edition of the Essential Medicines List (EML) for Southern Sudan. The EML has been developed on the basis of the WHO Model List (14th Edition) with focus on all levels of health care facilities and also to provide an adequate, efficient and comprehensive medicine supply to the population of Southern Sudan.

The purpose of developing the EML is to enhance centralization of the activities in the pharmaceutical sector as well as to enable rational procurement, supply and usage of medicines in Southern Sudan. The implementation of the EML will ensure standardization of medicine usage countrywide taking into consideration the aspects of quality, safety and efficacy of medicines supplied.

The following criteria were considered while developing the EML:

  • Common Therapeutic Categories - Catering for the most common disease states prevailing in the Southern Sudan context.
  • Pharmaceutical Specifications - This applies the concept of Essential medicines as defined by WHO whereby the medicines are listed according to their international nomenclature (INN) or more commonly known as generic names. The EML covers the most common dosage forms and formulations.
  • Other conditions - Packaging and storage of pharmaceuticals form a critical part of medicines management, therefore cold storage requirements and dosage forms have been indicated to allow for efficient ordering and logistics management.

It is the intent of the Ministry of Health to implement the EML among other policies and guidelines for high quality medicines management and rationalization of medicines use in the public sector. The EML will also serve as a reference document for purposes of legislation, staff development and management improvement to ensure regular safe supply of effective medicines at affordable prices and of acceptable quality to all sectors of health care. Therefore all health workers, including physicians, clinical officers, nurses, pharmacists, midwives and dentists, are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the national policies and to utilize the EML to optimize the quality of health care provided to the people of Southern Sudan.

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