Lista di rimborsabilità dei farmaci di fascia A, 2012 (Italy Positive Reimbursement List)
(2012; 142 pagine)


CLASSE A in commercio. Determinazione AIFA 9-2-2007.

Band A list of drugs are considered essential and vital to ensure the care provided in the Essential Levels of Assistance. Among these drugs are antibiotics, antidiabetic and antitumoral medicines

To acquire these drugs, a valid prescription must be obtained for the region.

The NHS supplies medicines on the list, but the citizen must pay a fixed fee which is equivalent to 2 € per pack, up to a maximum of 4 € a prescription. The citizen is not required to pay if it has a form of exemption.

Discounts are applicable citizens with a civil disability or disability that prevents them from working. They should pay only 1 € per pack, up to a maximum of € 3 per prescription.

Periodically, the Ministry of Health publishes a list of all medications belonging to the group A.

The AIFA, the Italian Medicines Agency, also stipulates a "list of transparency", ie a list of medicinal equivalent of group A with their corresponding prices. The price represents the maximum value the NHS reimburses for a particular medicine.

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