Seychelles National Medicine Policy. Final Draft, 15 May 2009
(2009; 23 pages)


The Government of Seychelles considers health care a basic human right and that it should be available and accessible to the entire population. In order to ensure that this right is observed, Article 29 of the 1994 Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles allows for, among other things, that appropriate measures be taken to prevent, treat and control epidemic, endemic and other diseases.

Medicines in general and essential medicines in particular, are pivotal to the prevention, treatment and control of diseases. Since independence, Seychelles has made considerable progress in delivering quality pharmaceutical services to its population. However, new health care challenges and the ever increasing cost of health care have emphasized the need for the country to have a national medicine policy. Such a policy would provide essential orientations for the development of various aspects of the country’s pharmaceutical sector

The present Seychelles National Medicine Policy was developed through a consultative process with all national pharmaceutical sector stakeholders and under the guidance of the Ministry of Health and Social Development. It has been formulated and will be implemented in the context of the overall Seychelles National Health Policy. It gives policy orientations susceptible to provide solutions to the pressing problems of the Seychelles pharmaceutical sector. It charts the way forward to address problems in the provision of quality pharmaceutical services in Seychelles and ensuring access to good quality medicines to all people, and in particular to the most vulnerable: the poor, children and women.

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