Regional Strategy for Improving Access to Essential Medicines in the Western Pacific Region, 2005 -2010
(2005; 48 pages)


The overall objective of the regional strategy is to provide operational and practical guidance to Member States and WHO in improving access to affordable quality essential medicines and ensuring that they are appropriately used. The regional strategy complements the WHO global strategy in improving access to good quality essential medicines and their appropriate use. The regional strategy covers the following areas:

  • rational selection,
  • rational use,
  • affordable prices,
  • access to medicines, trade globalization and TRIPS Agreement,
  • sustainable financing,
  • supply and management system,
  • quality, and
  • monitoring and evaluation.

Following the endorsement of this strategy, Member States and WHO developed a work plan for implementation during planning workshops held in Fiji and in Manila in November 2004. Therefore, country and intercountry work plans have been jointly developed. The challenge now is to implement these plans. For this, WHO remains committed to collaborating with Member States and other partners to improve access to essential medicines in the Region.

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