National Antiretroviral Treatment Guidelines for Adults, Adolescents, and Children. Third Edition, June 2009 - Uganda
(2009; 80 pages)


Uganda continues to recommend a public health approach to ART and is committed to decentralize further the expansion and integration of HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment activities with primary health care services to lower health centers where the majority of PLWHAs lives. The national ARV Treatment and Care Guidelines for adults, adolescents and children have been revised to maintain a standard delivery of ART and to provide HIV program managers and health care providers, an up-to-date practical guide on the use of ART. These guidelines have been developed by the ART Clinical Care Subcommittee of the Ministry of Health National ART Committee, with technical and financial assistance from the World Health Organization and PEPFAR. It is hoped that health care providers will find these guidelines useful in their day-to-day management of people living with HIV/AIDS and that the guidelines will contribute to the provision of quality HIV care in Uganda...

Objectives of the National ART Guidelines:

  • To provide a standardized and simplified guide to use of antiretroviral drugs in a comprehensive HIV/AIDS service delivery setting
  • To maintain a standard delivery of ART with evidence-based, safe and rational use of antiretroviral drugs
  • To serve as a training tool and reference material for health service providers, program managers, and people living with HIV...
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