Pharmacovigilance Toolkit, 2012 (Version 2.0)
(2012; 117 pages)


This Pharmacovigilance (PV):

Toolkit is a collection of resources and information needed for the practice of pharmacovigilance. The main aim of its development is to ensure that PV practitioners in low- and middle-income countries get access to information on the processes and activities involved in PV from a trusted source. The Toolkit contents are endorsed by the WHO Advisory Committee on the Safety of Medicinal Products after the original text has been written and reviewed by global experts.

In addition to this website, the Toolkit is available on USB drives in a similar format to this website, for use in areas with poor internet connectivity. The Toolkit is currently available in English, and efforts are underway to have it translated into other languages, although this is dependent on availability of volunteers and/or funding. The Toolkit will be reviewed periodically to ensure that it is abreast with developments in PV.

Disease-specific Toolkits:

Although this PV Toolkit covers all the basics required for PV work, there are peculiarities when carrying out PV for certain diseases and subgroups of people. This has led to the development of the Malaria and HIV PV Toolkits, with a TB Toolkit currently being developed in addition. These disease-specific toolkits should be used in combination with the main PV Tookit.

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