Pharmacy Practice in the Republic of Macedonia - Southern Med Review Vol 4 Issue 2 Dec 2011
(2011; 4 pages)


As part of wider reforms within the pharmaceutical sector, the pharmaceutical care concept has been introduced in the Republic of Macedonia. This article provides discussion on current opportunities and challenges which pharmacy practice face in Macedonia. The emphasis is on three prerequisites for the implementation of pharmaceutical care including: organization of pharmaceutical services, legislation, and professional training. The author argues that Macedonia possesses a favorable pharmacy workforce, solid legal basis and supportive structures of healthcare services in order to implement pharmaceutical care. Implementing pharmaceutical care has not been without its challenges, such as: lack of clinical skills, inadequate continuing education and the current remuneration structure for pharmacy services. While Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP) Guidelines have been developed, wider professional debate and practical steps have not been undertaken to promote the concept of pharmaceutical care nationally. Therefore, an integrated national approach to develop strategy, standards and tools for patient-oriented pharmaceutical practice has to be formulated. In addition, there is a need to undertake more comprehensive analysis of current pharmacy practice, to explore the awareness and willingness of the pharmacists to embrace pharmaceutical care practices, and to identify the opportunities and barriers for implementation of pharmacy practice.

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