Out of the Dark: Meeting the Needs of Children with TB
(2011; 20 pages)


Children with tuberculosis (TB) are largely neglected in national treatment programmes. There have been no recent advances in the tools to diagnose and treat paediatric TB, which are far from adequate to address the needs of children. Research and development is urgently needed for appropriate child-friendly preparations of drugs, and for tests that improve and simplify TB diagnosis in children. But until better tools become available, much can be done with those that exist to improve the management of TB in children.

In a new report, Medecins Sans Frontieres pushes back against the neglect of children with TB, urging for paediatric TB to be brought OUT OF THE DARK, and for treatment providers to make most use of existing diagnostic tests and treatments. Looking at the tools and strategies available today, as well as those in the immediate pipeline, the report provides an overview of paediatric TB diagnostic tools, treatments and prevention methods, and points to what can be done to fill critical gaps.

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