Annual Report of Pharmacy Council, March 2010 - March 2011 - St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
(2010; 8 pages)


Monitoring and assessing the pharmaceutical sector are important in determining if key pharmaceutical objectives are met. Good Pharmaceutical Practice will determine if people have access to essential medicines, if these medicines are safe, effective and of good quality and if these medicines are used properly.

We continue to build upon our strengths the most significant being the harmonious collaboration of the competent council members and an effective registration process for Pharmacy premises, owners and Pharmacy personnel’s.

There are several ongoing challenges; however the Council is making every effort to addressing these problems. Most of these ongoing challenges /treats can be traced to the absent of the regulations to the Pharmacy Act #54 of 2002, and some administrative hiccup within the Ministry of Health and the Environment, which impeded the publishing in the Gazette of the various category of drug as prescribed in Sec: 28 (Publication of Lists) of the Pharmacy Act and of the registered Pharmacists and Pharmacies.

It is also necessary for us to have expedited the suggested amendments to the parent Act. The proposed draft regulations as mentioned above are necessary for us to overcome many significant challenges to good Pharmacy practice.

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