Pharmaceutical Situation in Saint Lucia. WHO Assessment of Level II - Health Facilities Survey. PAHO Technical Series: Essential Medicines, Pharmaceutical Policies, No. 4, August 2012
(2012; 31 pages)


From December 2007 to January 2008, the Ministry of Health conducted a nationwide study of the pharmaceutical situation in public health facilities, private pharmacies, and in warehouses supplying the public sector in Saint Lucia. The main goal of the study was to document the degree of success in achieving strategic pharmaceutical objectives.

This study was conducted using the standardized methodology developed by the World Health Organization (WHO), to assess pharmaceutical situation at the health facility level - Assessment Level II. This is an indicator-based approach that provides systematic data on access and rational use of quality medicines through a facility-based survey. The core indicators measure the most important information needed to understand the pharmaceutical situation in Saint Lucia.

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