Malawi Standard Treatment Guidelines. (MSTG) 4th Edition 2009. Incorporating Malawi Essential Medicines List (MEML) 2009
(2009; 161 pages)


Medicine is a dynamic science and it is therefore important that recommended national guidelines like the MSTG reflect current accepted therapeutic practices.

The Malawi Standard Treatment Guidelines (MSTG) aim at standardizing prescribing practices, thereby promoting more consistent therapeutics and rational use of the medicines and medical supplies needed to provide health services. This further facilitates the estimation, procurement and supply of medicines and supplies.

For a given diagnosis, many patients may not be prescribed or subsequently dispensed with the required amount of the appropriate medicines in the correct dosage. They may consequently receive ineffective or suboptimal treatment. This is not only wasteful but can seriously damage the confidence of the patient in health service professionals and the credibility of health services provision in general A large portion of Ministry’s recurrent annual budget is spent on medicines and medical supplies. Because of the scarcity of resources available for health care, it is our duty to optimize the use of these by improving diagnosis and by rationalizing prescribing and dispensing.

This edition which has been carefully reviewed, revised and updated provides prescribers with the currently recommended treatment schedules for most common conditions found in the country. It is meant to be a pocket guide for quick reference in a day to day clinical work. However, when necessary as always is the case, clinical judgement and experience will still be required in order to adjust treatment in individual cases. With this publication, it is hoped that prescribers should have readily available information needed to initiate appropriate and rational treatment once a diagnosis has been reached...

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