Report of an All India Quantitative Study of Consumer Perceptions, Availability, Role, Services Provided, Medicines and Expectations of Pharmacists in India. Part II: Professional Aspects of Pharmaceutical Service by Pharmacist
(2011; 4 pages)


The authors have already reported findings of an all India quantitative survey of perception and views of 3086 respondents across the country (Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai). Part I of the report covered professional and general aspects of Consumer perceptions on availability, role, services provided, medicines and expectations of pharmacists in India. Readers may refer to the above paper to get details of objectives of the survey, methodology, data acquisition and analysis, IT tool used for the analysis and other aspects. We now report findings of the survey related to professional services rendered by the Pharmacists as on today, consumer views of what they consider as common ailments, when they prefer to go to a chemist rather than a doctor and their future expectations regarding additional services to be provided by a pharmacist.

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