Chances for Change. Dutch Measures to Improve the Global Distribution of Health Personnel
(2010; 13 pages)


The Dutch Alliance for Human Resources for Health is concerned about the global maldistribution of human resources for health (HRH), which particularly affects the health of people in developing countries. This publication presents measures, composed by the Alliance, to be taken by Dutch actors to improve the distribution of health staff across countries.

The Dutch Alliance brings together a wide range of actors of the health and development cooperation sectors in the Netherlands: non-governmental organizations (NGOs), health professional organizations, labour unions, research institutions, HRH consultants, and other actors involved in the global shortage and international recruitment of health personnel. The Alliance joins forces and expertise, and aims to explore and promote policies and actions that are required for sufficient health staff and for strengthening health systems worldwide.

This publication is to inspire Dutch stakeholders involved in training, recruitment, retention, and employment of health personnel to collaborate and undertake tailor-made actions, which jointly constitute a substantial Dutch contribution to global health. Human resources for health (HRH) are all personnel whose primary role is to improve health, including staff in health enterprises and employees in non-health organizations, such as nurses staffing a company or school clinic, and health service providers as well as health management and support workers.

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