National Health Policy, 2003 - Tanzania
(2003; 37 pages)


The Health Policy is a vital guide towards health development of any country. It is particularly, important in a country like ours where resources and technology are more limited than in other countries, which are relatively better off in both technology and resources. This Policy is a revision of the 1990 Health Policy, which emphasized on the need for increasing community involvement in health development and improved access and equity in health and health services. The Policy recognizes the challenges of consolidating the principles of the previous health policy in community involvement, improved health services provision, access and equity while addressing the different dimensions of reforms that are taking place in the Public Sector.

In order to address these challenges in the revision of this Policy, the Ministry of Health underwent an iterative process. In achieving the Goal of Health for All, as outlined in the WHO Alma Ata Conference held in 1978. It also involved linking the Proposals for Health Sector Reforms with the 1990 policy document. The link between the National Health Policy 1990 and the Proposals for Health Sector Reforms facilitated the development of the first draft of this revised National Health Policy document, which was widely discussed in the Ministry before being disseminated to key stakeholders including the President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government, other Central and Line Ministries and Development Partners. The consultation led to the enrichment in understanding the context of the revision of the Policy as well as improvements in the content.

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