Zimbabwe Antiretroviral Therapy Program: Issues and Opportunities for Initiation and Expansion
(2003; 125 pages)


This report presents the findings of a four-week assessment of the readiness and capacity of Zimbabwe’s health sector to deliver the range of services and manage the health commodities required for effective antiretroviral (ART) treatment. HIV/AIDS prevention, diagnostic and treatment programs cannot succeed without a reliable and consistent supply of condoms, high-quality drugs, HIV test kits, laboratory reagents, and the consumable laboratory and medical supplies. The country’s public and private sector health providers have a great depth of experience and the team identified the service delivery and logistics experience, as well as lessons learned from the few providers already using ARV treatment, that will serve as a sound foundation for initiating and expanding ART. The report also specifies the critical logistics management and clinical issues that the government must address to ensure the safe and effective implementation of a national ART program.

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